Adaptable, durable, and sunlight readable. The complex demands of aviation require an LCD screen that exceeds conventional design. DisplayBoost’s state-of-the-art LED technology utilizes optical bonding, anti-reflection film, and powerful backlighting to ensure your screen remains readable under any lighting conditions. The brightness enhancement features minimize internal reflections, providing a high contrast ratio that keeps your screen readable even in direct sunlight. Anti-reflection film will not scatter light, but allows it to seep through the substrate, resulting in greater readability.

High uniformity, long life, and low EMI noise are the backbone of DisplayBoost’s unique backlight design. Reduced power consumption and a low heat output strengthen reliability while providing 70,000 hours of light. The fanless design and EMI shield reduce noise levels, so sound won’t interfere with operations. Paired with optical bonding, which eliminates conventional air gaps to reduce reflections and allow for greater readability, your LED screen remains visible whether in dim or high lighting conditions. Optical bonding also prevents dirt, dust, and moisture from getting into your screen and interrupting operation.

Shock-absorbent LEDs withstand pressure changes and sudden shifts in motion. Cutting-edge mounting techniques ensure your display won’t cut out and your screen remains fully functional even under high vibrations. UV film employs heat rejecting filters to protect against thermal damage, while the wide temperature range ensures your screen remains functional in -40°C ~ +80°C. DisplayBoost delivers a high-performance, industrial-strength aviation LED screen.

Core Technologies

Anti-reflection/ Anti-Glare Solution

Through the use of AR/AG film or glass to improve display legibility in all conditions is the most popular and easy way.  Anti glare surfaces scatter light so that you do not see sharply defined reflected images or direct light sources, but AG effects can reduce sunlight readability. AR treatments reduce reflections without scattering light and thus allow more light to pass through the substrate, greatly increasing readability.

Brightness Enhancement
(Sunlight Readable)

Brightness enhancement is a well resolved image with high contrast ratio that doesn’t get washed out in high ambient lighting and direct sunlight.It’s both the minimization of internal reflections and upgrade the backlight system. It’s also the combination of techniques that work together to ensure optimum readability in very bright conditions.

EMI Shielding

The high-performance EMI (electromagnetic interference) absorber and noise suppression can eliminate noise effectively. This product is made with magnetic metal powder. As use of wide frequency band increases, these disturbances can degrade and limit the effectiveness of a circuit within the device. You can solve EMC/EMI problems by attaching EM absorber and noise suppression sheets simply on (part of) the noise sources. The high performance EMI absorber sheet series is designed for applications where high noise suppression is needed in a broad frequency range. Examples are applications in the construction of medical and military devices.

Fanless Design

Low power and low heat LED backlights together with industrial grade components enable fanless enclosures required for low noise. dust free and sealed requirmentts.

High Contrast Ratio

A number of factors affect contrast ratio. The ambient light is the most obvious, but it starts with the type of LCD cell technology. we can significantly improve results by the use of different polarizers, light enhancement films and reducing internal reflections.

High Shock/Vibration

Conventional CCFL backlight displays and consumer displays suffer from shock and vibration problems that cause intermittent operation or complete failure. LED backlight and advanced mounting techniques give our displays considerably more shock and vibration resistance.

LED Backlight & MTBF 70,000 Hours

LED backlights in contrast offer high uniformity, long life, low EMI noise and high shock and vibration resistance. They also have the advantage of low power consumption and low heat output, factors that significantly improve reliability. Our LED backlights are all proprietary design using highly sorted, low variability multi-chip LEDs, and unique light guide design, for maximum light output, efficiency, and uniformity from edge to edge. Another advantage of LEDs is that they are a green technology, being inherently more efficient, and also mercury and halogen free.

Lower Power Cunsumptiomn

Led technology eliminates the need of high voltage inverters and have much lower heat output. DC power consumtion is further lowered by using matched, low varialbility, multichip and it consumes less power than AC CCFL lighting. nowdays green technologies and energy management, low power consumption is more important than ever.

Night Mode/Night Vision (NVIS)

The wide dimming capability afforded by our LED backlight and controller technology allows the use of our displays in light sensitive dark environments such as aircraft and marine use. Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) compatible LCD monitors are available for night operation at low backlight levels. This type of products are capable of handling widest color range possible in an ordinary daylight operation. For avionic and marine requirements, extremely high intensity illumination is required during day time and low intensity illumination is required for night time mode.

Optical Bonding

Optical bonding is a technology that enables us to dramatically improve contrast ratio and display legibility in all conditions. A conventional display has an air-gap between the LCD cell and the cover glass; add a touch screen and there is another air gap. Every time there is an air-glass interface reflected light will reduce the visible contrast of the display. Optical bonding fills the air-gap to eliminate the air-glass interface and dramatically reduce the amount of reflected light. Our optical bonding technology can increase real world contrast ratio by 5 ~ 10 times. Optical bonding when combined with anti-reflective, or anti-glare glass and/or touch screens are a very effective method of improving display legibility even without increasing the brightness of the display. Conventional LCD displays can collect dust and condensation in the viewing area and due to the air-gap between the LCD cell and the cover glass. Optical bonding will eliminate moisture and dust problems, which is why optical bonding is standard on our marine line of displays.

Touch Screen

All our LCD displays can be specified with an intigrated touch screen. while resistive and projected capacitive touch screen are the most popular and appropriate for most application. we also offer other types touch screen as required cantrollers and drivers are provided with each touch screen for easy intigration to your systems.

UV / IR Film for Thermal Protection

Heat rejecting filters are ideal for outdoor displays that are susceptible to sunlight. Over time the UV and IR will degrade and damage the LCD panel and polarizers to the point that they produce an unacceptably poor performance. In most applications this is observed to be color shift, washed out images and an observable raise in the darkness levels produced by a damaged LCD panel.

Wide Temprature Operation

Virtually most of our LCD displays are design for -40°C ~ +80°C operation with some capable of even highr temprature. extreme low temprature operation is available on request.

Wide Dimming

LED backlighting controlled by our proprietary LED cantrol boads enable wide dimming to ensure the optimum brightness for any light condition. conventional displays have about a five steps dimming cantrol. We provide a 1000 step control
all the way from full brightness to 0.1 nits.

Wide Range DC Input

Many environments have variable quality power available so we have designed controllers that can accept from 9V~36V input with no effect on the efficient operation or long life of the displays.

Recommend Products

High Bright LCD – DB series

Cutting edge technology and a sunlight readable screen designed for 1000 nits or above. DisplayBoost High Bright LCD panel is great for any outdoor display including the marine, kiosks, digital signage, and industrial applications.

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High Bright LCD + 5WR Touch – DR Series

Designed for 1000 nits or above, DisplayBoost’s 5WR Touch LCD Panel is touch sensitive so it works even when you’re wearing gloves. Perfect for industrial applications, manufacturing, and automation machines.

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High Bright LCD + PCAP Touch – DP Series

DisplayBoost’s PCAP Touch LCD Panel is designed for 1000 nits or above. It works with all industrial applications and easily integrates with your existing system. Favored by the military, vehicles, and outdoor kiosks.

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Steel 5WR Touch Monitor – SR Series

DisplayBoost’s Steel 5WR Touch Monitor is made for 1000 nits or above. This entry level industrial touch monitor is a great choice for public transportation, hotels, retailers, kiosks, digital signage, and most outdoor applications.

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Steel PCAP Touch Monitor – SP series

Designed for 1000 nits or above, this sunlight readable screen uses a high contrast ratio to enhance image clarity. DisplayBoost’s Steel PCAP Touch Monitor works in high ambient light and is great for all applications.

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Stainless 5WR Touch Monitor – SL series

DisplayBoost’s Stainless 5WR Touch Monitor was made for 1000 nits above. With IP grade waterproofing, it holds up to harsh environments, rugged conditions, and 24/7 operations. It’s as reliable as it is durable.

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Inox PCAP Touch Monitor – IX series

DisplayBoost Inox PCAP Touch Monitor combines innovation, quality, and industrial know-how. Designed for 1000 nits or above with IP grade waterproofing and a NEMA 4X rating, it’s great for oil rigs or factory processing.

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