Complete Industrial Display Solution

DisplayBoost Solutions provides cutting-edge custom display options, seamless integration, and quick installation to meet all your industrial needs.

Custom Design

We’ll create a custom LCD based on your needs that exceeds your display demands. It’s fast, flexible and cost-effective.

On-time Delivery & Quality Control

Products are delivered 2x faster than the industry average. Quality control inspections ensure your product is built to exact specifications and held to the highest of standards.

Collaborative Design Process

We work with you to design the best solution for your industrial application needs. Tell us what you want, and we’ll make sure you get it.

Consult with DisplayBoost Solutions during the concept, development, and design phases of your project.

When it comes to display enhancements, technology matters. From ideation to delivery, DisplayBoost provides custom solutions for your company’s industrial demands.

Brightness Enhancement

Wide Temperature Range

High Contrast Ration

Low Power Consumption

Wide Range DC Input

LED Backlight

Wide Dimming Range

Shock & Vibration Resistance

Anti-glare & Anti-reflection

Touch Screen Integrated

Sunlight Readable LCD Optimization

DisplayBoost’s industrial-grade, sunlight readable screens utilize cutting-edge optimization technology to ensure visibility under any lighting condition. Meet the heavy demands of outdoor displays without compromising on quality or affordability.

Custom Options

We offer 5 key features for display enhancement and sunlight readability. Only choose the elements you need and leave off the ones you don’t. Every solution is unique, and we are there to help you every step of the way.

Brightness/LED Backlight Enhancement

DisplayBoost’s LED Backlight Enhancement System provides edge-to-edge uniformity, enhances sunlight readability, and lasts for up to 70,000 hours. Low power consumption and heat output combine with highly sorted, low variability multi-chip LEDs to improve reliability and ensure your backlights run 24/7. Green technology provides LEDs that are mercury and halogen-free, and completely eco-friendly.

Optical Bonding

Optical bonding combines two or more substrates (e.g. LCD & Touch Glass) with optical clear adhesives to remove the air-gap between the LCD cell and cover glass. Our innovative process applies both gel adhesives (dry bonding) and liquid adhesives (wet bonding) between the cover glass and LCD to completely fill the air gap. The result is real-world contrast, increased visibility, and reduced glare.

Film Lamination

High ambient light has always been a problem for light-emitting displays. Whether you’re using LCD, OLED, plasma, or some other technology, visibility suffers under direct sunlight or high ambient light. DisplayBoost has solved the problem with film lamination. It increases luminosity and enhances the contrast ratio so your screen stays sunlight readable. Kiosks, advertising displays, control towers, and aircraft cockpits retain visibility.

Touch Technology

DisplayBoost’s touch technology integrates seamlessly with any system and provides just the right amount of touchscreen sensitivity. They work even when wearing gloves. From PCAP, Resistive, and IR to the newest touch technology from leading vendors, we ensure you have everything you need for seamless integration. Whether you need a standard or custom touch screen, DisplayBoost has you covered.

Custom Design Solutions

DisplayBoost’s wide range of display technologies offer the opportunity to develop custom products with sizes and features designed for specific applications. We challenge ourselves to strive for brighter, clearer, cutting-edge screens that exceed industry applications and offer you the best solutions. We’ll guide you every step of the way to create a custom design solution that lasts for years.

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