Custom Design Solutions

Custom Design Solutions

DisplayBoost specializes in custom solutions that exceed industry expectations along with your demands. We offer more than a dozen cutting-edge core technologies that can be added to any display screen or monitor. Our engineering capabilities extend to electronics, optics, mechanism, and firmware.

Our Core Technologies


DisplayBoost’s brightness enhancement feature heightens the contrast ratio to prevent words and images from washing out in high ambient light or direct sunlight. Using a combination of front line techniques that minimize internal reflections and provide an upgraded backlight system, your screen remains sunlight readable even in very bright conditions.


Using green technology that eliminates mercury and halogen and reduces environmental stress, DisplayBoost’s backlight system provides a long life, low EMI noise, shock and vibration resistance, and edge-to-edge uniformity. The low heat output and reduced power consumption increase reliability, while the highly sorted, low variability, multi-chip LEDs offer a unique guide designed for maximum light output.


DisplayBoost’s high contrast ratio uses cutting-edge LCD cell technology to significantly improve visibility under direct sunlight or high ambient light. Combining polarizers and light enhancement films, real-world contrast is increased while internal reflections and glares are reduced. Whether outdoors or indoors, your screen stays visible.


Advanced LED technology eliminates the need for high-voltage inverters, producing a much lower heat output that increases reliability. DC Power consumption is further reduced by using matched, low variability, multi-chips that consume less power than AC CCFL lighting. DisplayBoost’s green technology reduces energy without sacrificing quality.


Conventional displays have a 5-step dimming control that creates lackluster effects, leaving your screen washed out and unreadable. DisplayBoost provides a 1000-step dimming control that takes your display all the way from full brightness to 0.1 nits. With our advanced LED backlighting and proprietary LED control boards, DisplayBoost offers a wide dimming range, ensuring the optimum brightness for any light condition.


DisplayBoost’s integrated touch screen works even while wearing gloves. Tune the touch control IC, and it becomes waterproof. A variety of controllers, drivers, and mechanics allow for seamless integration into your already existing system. No matter your touch panel, the touch sensor and metal never touch, ensuring smooth and continued operations. While resistive and projected capacitive touch screens are the most popular and appropriate for most applications, we also offer custom touch screens to meet a variety of demands.


No two applications are the same. DisplayBoost knows that different applications mean different environments with different power sources. We’ve designed our controllers to accept variable inputs from 9V to 36V with no effect on the efficiency or lifecycle of your display.


Reduced glare is essential to readability. DisplayBoost uses premium AR/AG film or glass to improve display legibility under all lighting conditions. Alone, anti-glare surfaces scatter light, leaving images less defined and reducing sunlight readability. AR reduces glare without scattering light, allowing more light to pass through the substrate and increasing readability rather than diminishing it. DisplayBoost combines AG and AR to get the best of both worlds. Your screen stays sunlight readable without intrusive glares or unwanted reflections.


Strong shocks and vibrations cause intermittent operation or complete failure in poorly adapted conventional CCFL backlight displays and consumer displays. DisplayBoost’s LED backlight system includes advanced mounting techniques that give displays considerably more shock and vibration resistance, ensuring durability even in rugged conditions. Operations continue 24/7.


Every DisplayBoost LCD display is designed to operate from -20°C to +70°C, with some displays capable of even higher temperatures. Extreme low temperature operation is also available upon request.


DisplayBoost combines low power and low heat LED backlights with industrial grade components that enable completely fanless enclosures. The result is reduced noise and a dust-free environment.


DisplayBoost’s LED backlight system pairs with innovative controller technology to offer wide dimming capabilities that allow the use of our displays in light-sensitive environments, such as ship bridges. We also offer NVIS capability.


DisplayBoost LCD displays offer waterproof or water resistant front bezels to IP65 standards. Certain designs can be made IP68-compliant and are suitable for full underwater immersion.


Industrial-grade materials, components, and assembly techniques result in rugged displays suitable for most industrial environments. To resist impact damage on the screen, we optically bond chemically strengthened or tempered glass to your display. For extreme environments, DisplayBoost offers custom enclosures.

  • Performance films and coatings
  • Anti‐glare
  • Anti‐reflective
  • Linear and circular polarizers
  • State-of-the-art ITO EMI coatings
  • Vandal glass
  • EMI shields
  • Transparent display heaters
  • LED backlights
  • Touchscreens
  • Backlight and module design
  • High bright LED strip/matrix design
  • High reliability LED driving system
  • Signal boards design
  • Thermal management system
  • ISO

For more information on our custom designs, please contact us . We’ll help you achieve the perfect display solution to fit your needs. If customization isn’t for you, we also offer a list of high quality, affordable, standard products ready to ship.

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