For standard industrial products, the anticipated lifespan is a minimum of 5 years. If a newer model is required due to a component’s end of life, then we will make every effort to ensure the new module is backward compatible.

CE certification is typically given to finished products. Since LCDs are only one component of the finished product, they do not carry CE certification.

Yes, all our DisplayBoost TFT LCDs are RoHS compliant.

Most of our backlights designed for active modules are replaceable. Please contact us for individual part specification.

For industrial grade LED backlights TFT-LCD, the minimum lifetime is 50K hours. Some of our products have an expected lifetime of 70K hours MTBF. Please consult the individual part specification for information on a specific model.

For industrial applications, the operating temperature is -20 ~ 70 °C, with a storage temperature of -30 ~ 80 °C.

For automotive applications, the operating temperature is -40 ~ 80°C, with a storage temperature of -40 ~ 80 °C.

Many of our TFT LCDs operate at both 3.3 and 5V. Please contact us for individual model specification.

LCD displays typically feature a wider viewing angle from straight on or above, compared to the viewing angle from below. A reverse-scan feature enables customers to select either a normal scan or reverse scan to obtain the best intended image, depending on whether the mounted display will be viewed from above or below. Please contact us for individual part specification.

Receiving Notice

If you receive a package that has been damaged during shipment, please indicate on the receipt of package: “Box damaged sign.” Make a photocopy of the receipt for investigation, and take a picture of the damaged package. Save everything. This protects the right and interests of both parties.

All new orders undergo a quality control inspection before shipment. Please check your package and product upon receiving it. If the inspection seal is broken, take a picture and notify us immediately. If you find any signs of damage such scratches, fragments, or dirt, please contact us. All products come with a 30 day warranty from the delivery date.

If the defect or damage occurred within the warranty period, please provide the following:

  • The date the defect or damage occurred.
  • Photographs from the unboxing.
  • Photographs of the defective product with the original protective film in place.
  • Photograph of the original box including carton ID#
  • Panel SN (or Shipping Label photo)
  • Invoice #

Please email us immediately with the above information and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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