High Bright LCD Panel + PCAP Touch – DP 17″

High Bright LCD + PCAP Touch - DP series

Product Features
  • 10 point projected capacitive touch
  • Sunlight readable (high bright backlight)
  • LED backlight lifetime 50,000 hours
  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • Longevity and low power consumption
  • Wide temperature range

Customized touch options combine with sunlight readability to exceed your outdoor demands. Displayboost’s High Bright LCD with bonded PCAP touch sensor display screen stands up against wind, snow, sun, rain, and any kind of outdoor environment. You can even use it while wearing gloves. A wide temperature range, waterproof screen, and UV protection are the trifecta of display screen options and remain one of the most popular combinations of features today, allowing your screen to function no matter what’s going on around it.

The shock-resistant, 10-point projected capacitive touch allows for easy operation. Optical bonding prevents dust, dirt, and moisture from getting into your display and interfering with functionality, while also reducing glares. Combined with the high brightness screen, images stay sharp, colors stay saturated, and your screen remains sunlight readable even in direct light.

Well Suited For...

No matter the application, Displayboost solutions shine with industry-leading features and performance to improve the visual experience. From digital signage to military solutions to oil rigs, Displayboost can satisfy your needs.





Digital Signage


High Bright LCD

Outdoor application, wide temperature range, wide viewing angles, MTBF 70,000 hours, high quality LED backlight system design.

High Bright LCD + PCAP Touch sensor

This solution is designed to system integrators’ outdoor projects. We also offer custom touch to match your own mechanism and fine tune the firmware for glove, snow, waterproof these harsh outdoor environment in order to avoid interference.

High bright LCD + Optical bonding

Definitely one of the best outdoor solution for sunlight readibility. Military, Aviation, Marine, ATM machine, tablet pc, their favorite sunlight treatment. The best solution of anti-dust, moisture and fog free.

Stainless monitor

None stop operation, IP65/IP66, NEMA standard, Waterproof connectors are the must for those type of rugged and high temperature environment. Manufacturing, machine, automation and medical applications best choices.

Product Specification

Aspect Ratio17" (4:3)
Brightness (White)1500
Constrst Ratio800:1
Display Area (mm)337.92 x 270.33
LED B/L Life Hours50,000
Number of Colors16.7M
Pixel Pitch (mm)0.264 x 0.264
Response Time (ms)30
Viewing Angle (H/V)160/140
Input Voltage5V
Power Consumption26.92W
Operating Temperature-30°C ~ 85°C
Storage Temperature-30°C ~ 85°C
Humidity5% ~ 90%
Thermal Shock-30°C/ 30 min, 80°C/ 30 min, 100 hrs
Vibration1.5G, (10/500/10, Sine wave) 30 mins/axis, 3 direction (X, Y, Z)
AltitudeOperating: up to 10,000 ft; Non-operating: up to 40,000 ft
Dimension (H x V x D) (mm)
Net Weight (g)
Touch Screen Option4W or 5W Reisistive / PCAP / IR
Glass OptionAnti-Glare / Anti-Reflective
Optical Bonding OptionUV/ Silicon

Display Boost Advantage


All our LCD products are chosen for industrial application, which has 5-10 years longevity.

Less lead time

Delivery that’s 2x faster than industry competitors for built-to-order industrial displays. Displayboost Standard high bright LCD 2-4 weeks.


We are over 12 years experienced in industrial monitors and well knowledge for sunlight readable outdoor solutions.

Technical Drawing



Sunlight readable

USB 2.0

Touch USB

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