Choosing the Best Sunlight Readable Screen


Choosing the Best Sunlight Readable Screen

“Sunlight readable” is the newest catchphrase when it comes to LCD panels. Everyone wants it, but few people can say with any certainty who the best suppliers are and what sets one sunlight readable screen apart from another.
DisplayBoost wants to change that. Sunlight readable screens shouldn’t be a mystery. Especially since they’ve become a staple of the modern military, and more and more business are placing them in high demand. So let’s dig into the nitty gritty and discuss sunlight readability, the new must-have for every LCD panel.

Sunlight Readability: What Is It and Why You Need It Now
Ever stand outdoors with an LCD screen and blink only to have your screen disappear? Direct sunlight or strong overhead lights wash away any chance of reading the text or seeing the images clearly. Sunlight readability takes a multiplex approach to LCD screens, combining a variety of factors from a cutting edge backlight system to high contrast ratio to anti-reflective screens with anti-glare solutions.
If your LCD screen is lacking in any one of these technologies, your visibility will suffer for it. But put them all together, and you’ll walk away with an LCD screen that stays bright and easily readable in any kind of direct or ambient light, no matter how bright or dark. Take sunlight readable LCD screens onto the battlefield, into the sea, or set them up in any kind of industrial setting without worrying you’ll lose visibility or function.

Choosing a Sunlight Readable LCD Panel
A multitude of companies sell sunlight readable LCD panels and claim to be the best, but they can’t all be. There are three key points to keep in mind when choosing a sunlight readable screen for your business.

  • Uniformity. An advanced LCD screen will have uniform lighting from one edge to the other. There should be no varying shades of brightness or pockets of shadow.
  • LED backlight system. Look for a backlight system with highly sorted, low variability multi-chip LED sensors that offer low power consumption combined with low heat output.
  • Heat dissipation. Heat should never collect inside your LCD panel. Cutting-edge designs disperse heat evenly so it dissipates quickly and your screen stays functioning.

Keep these three factors in mind when searching for a sunlight readable screen and you’ll walk away with an LCD capable of meeting the heavy demands of both outdoor and indoor applications.

DisplayBoost: Exceeding Expectations
DisplayBoost meets and then exceeds industry standards for all its LCD panel designs. Using innovative technology, we ensure your screen remains sunlight readable. What sets us apart from the others?

  • 90% Uniformity. Our advanced LED backlight system maintains 90% uniformity or above despite weather and lighting conditions.
  • Minimum Brightness. Every DisplayBoost 1000 nits LCD panel remains clear, crisp, and bright with no tolerance drop down.
  • Brightness Decay. Brightness and visibility remain steady even when run 24/7. DisplayBoost screens only diminish 5-8% in any 24 hour period.

DisplayBoost offers 20 core technologies that increase visibility and keep your screen sunlight readable under any circumstance. Shop our LCD screens now and always have the screen you need at your fingertips.

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